Coarse fishing on free-to-fish waters

Waking to the sound of fish “rising and plopping” along side your holiday boat is usually a new experience for most anglers.

Its one of the many delights to be savoured on an Irish cruise-and-fish holiday, along with mist shrouded mornings, the smell of bacon and relaxing on the stern of the boat with a drink as the sun drops behind hills where theres hardly a sound.

Other options are to bring your own small boat or hire a cruiser or day-boat locally.

Ireland’s quiet waters are perfect for cruising and fishing where you can head off in any direction along umpteen miles of the famous Shannon and Erne systems, where theres a unique mix of narrow waterways that open up into vast loughs.

Carrick-on-Shannon is the perfect get-away where you can spend a week on Kilglass Lake catching huge bream, buckets full of hybrids, roach, tench and perhaps a large pike or perch. And it doesn’t stop there because the town of Carrick-on-Shannon is simply surrounded.

The first stop is Grange where a narrow channel runs through into a dream water – Kilglass – where there are several islands where anglers can tie up in a mini marina. This is where serious pre-baiting begins and will certainly produce a mix of fish that have never been hooked before and it is pure pleasure to carefully hold a scale-perfect specimen.

Above all – you don’t need any coarse angling permits – Ireland simply welcomes all!


Active Irish Angling – Telephone 0151 528 7450

Please feel welcome to call for assistance as to where and when to fish – Dave Houghton