Longford Angling

Probably most famous for spring sport Lanesborough and the prolific warm water stretch on the River Shannon where tench, bream, roach and hybrids feature strongly


However, just a few miles from there is the little known boat basin in Clondra Village, for big rudd, bream and tench. And just a short walk from there is the River Camlin – a small tributary of the Shannon – but quite brilliant when the main river is in flood. North Longford has the biggest share of famous Lough Gowna and in the past year it has been plundered by anglers getting huge catches of bream after pre-baiting.

The well known Lanesboro hot water stretch lies just north of Lough Ree on the River Shannon. With a regular release of hot water from the power station, this venue provides the ideal conditions for coarse fish. Upstream is the hot water flusher and fishing is easy along a concrete platform. Downstream of the bridge there is a reed bed dividing the river, also along a concrete ribbon. River flows may vary depending on the volume of hot water being released from the Power Station.

During peak season from April to May and again September to October spaces are generally well competed for and anglers are advised to get their spot as early as possible in the day during these times.


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River Shannon at Lanesborough