Cork Angling

Inniscarra Lake is as exciting as ever, providing terrific sport with nets full of bream, roach and hybrids.


And to prove the point despite very cold weather for early spring, the May angling festivals attracted its hardiest fans who produced a string of very respectable catches.

Pleasure anglers always get the best our of their fishing and being able to choose when and where is the biggest advantage of all. Inniscarra is going to be the liveliest angling attraction for the future because it has terrific stocks of very great bream, thousands of fish in the two to 4lb range, massive hybrids, quality roach, perch, huge pike and even a few hefty tench. Being bold pays off so seriously consider concentratin on big baits and hooks to suit.

Roach, hybrids and bream, get everywhere and there are surely great runs of the fast flowing waters loaded with chances to catch on a stick float or a neat balsa on seldom tackled on running line.


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